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USAPL Match Calculator


This application is designed to assist in scoring USAPL pool matches. It eliminates the need to manually calculate your match results (win bonus, win margin bonus, etc). Let's face it - we all could make simple miscalculations, especially when we're distracted in a league environment. One small error could mean the difference between winning and losing.Benefits of using this app include:- Intuitive user interface which means anyone can use it- Saves time - lets you spend more time doing what you want to do: PLAY POOL!!!- Eliminates uncertainty when matches are close. You'll know right away whether your team won or lost (especially useful during tournaments and playoffs)- Enables better strategy when deciding on match-ups - give yourself the best possible chance to go to Las Vegas for the Nationals!
Features include:- Flexible design, allows for different league formats (3, 4, or 5 match formats) and Open, Advanced, or Masters divisions- Intuitive design is simple to use- Can be used quickly as the matches are in progress to monitor your team's performance throughout the night- Provides error-checking to ensure accurate calculations based on entered data- Performs all necessary calculations (win bonus, win margin bonus, etc) and totals up match results instantly- Totals up the handicaps to ensure your team doesn't exceed the handicap limit- Adds in the handicap bonus or penalty accordingly- Handicap calculation provides necessary information for optimal match-ups- Access to USAPL and CSI (CueSports International) websites
Instructions for use:1) Select the league format;2) Tap in the player handicap and score boxes to enter the match results;3) Tap the appropriate checkbox to indicate the match winner - all calculations are performed and totals are immediately updated based on match results;4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of the other matches;5) When only one or two matches remain, the handicap totals and score totals can be used to determine the best possible match-ups for the remaining matches.
Planned updates (all updates will be free):- Ability to select specific leagues from your league website- Ability to download team roster and player information from your leagues- Player search- Ability to select the home and visitor teams from a downloads team list- Ability to auto-fill player handicap from a downloaded team roster list- Option to automatically perform what-if scenarios to determine the best match-ups
Why do you need this app?Has this ever happened to you? Last year, my team lost a playoff match which cost us a potential trip to the Nationals in Las Vegas. We lost by 8 points, or less than 2% of the total team points. If we had this app back then, we would have been better equipped to make more informed strategic decisions. This could have made the difference between losing and winning! Don't let this happen to YOUR team! Give yourself the best possible chance to win your matches! We recently played the same team, and, using this app, we made better decisions which resulted in victory for our team. We essentially ensured victory with our final match because we had all the correct data at our fingertips.